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Monday, November 27, 2006 by Sam Davidson

I thoroughly enjoy reading business magazines. Blogs, news sites and talking heads may be your thing, but if you want to keep up with why the things happen that give those people something to talk and write about, then pick up Fortune magazine.

In the current issue, they feature the 30 most influential business people of 2006. Making the list are MySpace founders, Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson. Maybe you're tired of hearing about these guys and their overexposure, but here's what I like: in their photo, Tom is brandishing a shirt that raises awareness about Darfur.

The site may play host to stalkers and time-wasters, and it may not work like it should a lot of the time, but these guys have made headlines, and Tom (everyone's first friend) used his snapshot in a top business magazine to spread the word.

Maybe he just wanted to look cool. Maybe he wants to be George Clooney. But, MySpace has been plugging Darfur with a recent concert series, and is using its wild ride to help others.

I'm down with that. And I now want one of those shirts.


In hopes of raising awareness about the reality of genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan, Sam Davidson writes every Monday about a key issue in an attempt to stop the atrocity. Doing so may not bring about a wave of change, but it is a small ripple that represents the tide that needs turning. He is the co-founder and President of CoolPeopleCare.

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