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This Is Pretty Exciting Stuff

Below is the line-up for the rally I'm going to in DC on April 30. If you haven't made your travel plans, it's not too late. Maybe we can meet for coffee after we get our rally on...

*Joe Madison, Emcee (host of "The Black Eagle," nationally syndicated radio broadcast)
*Elie Wiesel (Nobel Prize for Peace, 1986, Holocaust survivor)
*U.S. Representative Frank Wolf (Virginia, co-chair Congressional Sudan Caucus)
*Governor Jon Corzine (New Jersey)
*Paul Rusesabagina (Rwandan genocide survivor, depicted in the movie "Hotel Rwanda")
*Joey Cheek (U.S. Olympic Team, speed skater, Gold & Silver medalist, Torino, donated his winnings to Darfur charity)
*Russell Simmons (Founder, Def Jam Recordings; Chairman, Foundation for Ethnic Understanding)
*Rabbi Marc Schneier (President and Founder, Foundation for Ethnic Understanding)
*Cardinal Theodore McCarrick (Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.)
*Dr. Richard Land (President, Southern Baptist Convention, Ethics & Religious Liberties Commission)
*Rev. John L. McCullough (Executive Director and CEO, Church World Service)
*Rabbi David Saperstein (Director, Religious Action Center)
*Manute Bol (former NBA star, born in Sudan)
*Former Marine Captain Brian Steidle (Advisor to African Union forces in Darfur)
*Reverend Gloria White-Hammond (National Chairwoman, Million Voices for Darfur Campaign)
*Geoff Tunnicliff (International Director, World Evangelical Alliance)
*Simon Deng (Sudan Freedom Walk)
*Rabbi Steve Gutow (Jewish Council for Public Affairs)
*Ruth Messinger (Executive Director, American Jewish World Services; Former President, Borough of Manhattan)
*Erin Mazursky (Executive Director, STAND)
*David Rubenstein (Save Darfur Coalition)
*"Big & Rich" (Country music stars, playing acoustic)
*Gospel Choir (performing with special guest, TBA)

Elie Wiesel and Paul Rusesabagina are enough to get me pumped up as it is, but when Manute Bol shows up, the party really gets started.

“This Is Pretty Exciting Stuff”