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Critical Week for Darfur

Every week is critical for Darfur, but this week, several stories are occupying the headlines that have far-reaching implications for Darfur, Sudan, and the displaced victims of the genocide.
  • Osama Bin Laden
    • Just when you thought this guy had disappeared from the news to die in some cave somewhere, he releases another video of himself. Although the tape’s legitimacy is in question, this message calls for jihadists to convene in Darfur to fight against a possible UN force. Part of the genocide is religiously based: the Muslim Sudanese government is targeting non-Muslims, and the government-backed janjaweek militia is largely Muslim as well. Osama, who is opposed to Western influence in Muslim areas, wants to stop a non-African Union force from keeping the peace in Darfur and in the refugee camps. Of course, the government is still denying any involvement in the genocide and claims that things are peaceful, but the latest BBC news proves otherwise.
  • UN Votes
    • Later this week, the UN will vote on whether or not to send in troops to keep the peace in Darfur, as well as protect refugee camps. The African Union troops, who are horribly underfunded and only 7,000 strong, need reinforcements and a multi-national UN force could keep a lot more peace and save a lot more lives.
    • Also up for vote are UN sanctions on 4 key members of Sudan’s government. The sanctions include travel and trade restrictions, among other things. Unfortunately, Russia and China have said that they will veto any such resolution. Both countries are trading partners (oil) with Sudan and want to continue to benefit from its reserves.
  • Rally
    • I talk about it almost every Monday, but in 6 days, I’ll be on the mall. I hope to blog about it Sunday night and take some video as well.
  • History
    • Tomorrow is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Pray that we won’t have a Darfur Remembrance Day years from now. Pray that action will happen, people will be mobilized, and change will occur so that millions of lives can be spared and rebuilding can begin.

“Critical Week for Darfur”