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Bullets for Food

I'm not much for armed conflict. The notion of taking aim and firing at someone, or pressing a button to drop a bomb on a village kind of makes me sick. As each day passes, I'm glad that my chances of getting drafted grow smaller, and I continue in relative peace in my nice American life.

However, there are certain instances in which I would not hesitate to fight back, and sometimes wonder how much violence I might be capable of. Were someone to attack someone I love, I like to think that I'd blow their head off without another thought. Or I like to think that I'll be the one to stand up when I see someone weaker being picked on or pushed around. Thankfully, none of those situations have arisen, so I haven't had to put myself in harm's way.

With all of the armed conflict, mass murders and gang rapes going on in Sudan, I held out hope that it wouldn't come down to a powerful nation dropping bombs from expensive planes. And then I read this news. Last week, an armed militia hijacked aid trucks full of food that was to nourish nearly two million refugees. News like that makes me want to get a gun and stand guard. And if anyone wants to steal food trucks, they'll get a bullet or two in return.

A situation like this shows us that money is too easy of an answer. In order to use the money of countries like the US to buy food and supplies that so many survivors badly need, a peace-keeping presence is mandatory to insure fair distribution. Without it, food gets stolen and nothing gets done.

Currently in process is the increasing of UN troops in order to prevent occurrence like those that happened last week from repeating. One can only wonder the peace America could keep were its troops not scattered elsewhere. Nonetheless, there is still hope in Darfur - not that the food will be returned, but that sacrificial soldiers will be on the ground to make sure people get to eat.

“Bullets for Food”