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American Money

While my main goal in writing about Darfur on Mondays is to raise awareness, there is no doubt that many other resources are needed to effectively end the genocide in Sudan. Resources like troops, protection, medical supplies, and of course, money, go a long way to helping a nation heal and carry on.

Thankfully, last week, President Bush took a small step to ensure that money, American money, would reach those victimized in this genocide. He sent a supplemental funding proposal to Congress, asking for $514 million in aid for Sudan, $339 million of which is earmarked for Darfur.

This is obviously good news on several fronts, especially for those who will be helped the most by this money. Sure, it could be more, but when you're talking about money, you can always have more. The amount the President asked for (and should get as Congress is expected to approve this measure) is a significant amount and will in fact go a long way in Darfur.

More importantly, this is a step in the right direction for this president, a self-proclaimed Christian. Up until now, we have seen Mr. Bush brush aside and underfund many relief programs, both at home and abroad. I am excited and glad to see him fighting for justice and helping the oppressed half a world away. I hope this is the first of many more steps for this president, so that he can leave a positive legacy - one that has to do with giving away American money, and not merely 'protecting' it.

“American Money”